We have been developing and manufacturing high quality rubber extruded products since 1970 which brings us one of the leading European suppliers of glazing gaskets and weather seals to the PVC-u, aluminium and timber widnows systems. In addition our extrusions have been used in many other industries and applications. 


We develop and manufacture:
  • Rubber profiles for PVC, aluminium and wooden windows used by the leading European window producers.
  • Rubber profiles for the building, car, electric power, white goods and other industries.
  • Sponge rubber profiles of various shapes and dimensions.
  • Other types of tailor-made profiles to meet customer requirements and wishes.
  • Our profiles are made from EPDM, CR, NBR, SBR and NR compounds; they are well resistant to various mechanical, chemical and heat influences, and suitable for a variety of applications.


Because we understand high demands of all rubber seals we offer even more precised development of all rubber seals for certain applications. Our service offer Virtual development or virtual prototyping. Virtual development is a modern interdisciplinary approach to the development of products oriented to the development of solutions, which are best in terms of design and offered at most favorable prices. We have established a close cooperation with our customers and we consider their demands with regard to the functionality and restrictions. In virtual development of gaskets we are assisted by the R&D Institute of Savatech.

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